The music of geography

One of my favorite geography related songs is “Yakko’s World” from the Animaniacs Cartoon Series. When I went to find they lyrics recently, I was surprised to find that there was a Facebook page devoted to “I know all the lyrics to Yakko’s World” and a spirited debate about the countries referenced in the song. Obviously, song is a time-honored way to learn countries, planets, presidents, and even U.S. States. Erik Ribak is the goldmine of geography related songs up until 2009. National Geographic Xpeditions has a wonderful “geography and history through music” lesson plan. NatGeo Music also has an “aural tour” of the world through music which is frequently updated.

One thought on “The music of geography

  1. Have you seen or read about the Electricarms Virtual Tour of America? M.Sayyid of Anti-Pop Consortium has plotted his exclusive songs on the first ever “Mixtape Map” Check it out at

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