Spooky 3D buildings

Although this post is a little late for Halloween, I’d like to think of it as a project to start now for next October. Ray Keim of Paper Model Purgatory at Haunted Dimensions creates printable 3D papercraft models of spooky buildings he has crafted including New Orleans Square and the Bates House. If you are more inclined to ghostly gingerbread houses, he has plans for those too. He states that “I created these models for entertainment purposes only. They represent months of work, taking hundreds of hours to design.
I am now offering them for free to any mansion fan who would like them, as a token of appreciation for all the phenomenal support I have received since starting this site, and also in the hopes that it will encourage others to share their art and ideas freely online.” There is an interesting panel with Ray Keim so, “You want to be a theme park designer” from Inside the Magic. It illustrates huge scope for 2D and 3D visualization as a career and a hobby.