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Have you met Earth Science Week?

For those who are not aware Earth Science Week is just around the corner, October 10-16. A good portion of Geography looks at the physical environment and its components…aka is Earth Science. Basically it gives us another week to push Geography awareness. But instead of the focus on human-environment interaction that we trend towards in November, Earth Science Week gives us a chance to talk about some of the physical geography basics. While we have talked about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as being connected to Geography broadly, this is where some of the most notable connections exist. Earth Science Week gives us a chance to highlight weather, climate, geomorphology, biogeography and all of the goodness in between. Not only does it cover a breadth of topics, but also numerous methods and techniques. Whether you want to model the environment using computers, do some hands on lab work, or pull your hiking boots out of the closet and head to the field, don’t forget to take advantage of Earth Science Week to highlight the fact that Geography is all about the Earth, science and all.