The State of Mapping APIs.

Adam DuVander over at O’Reilly has written a decent summation article on the current state of mapping apis in the world.  It’s a short read and highlights some issues, but I think the more important take-away is the lack of cross pollination between geographers and internet mappers.  He doesn’t even discuss ESRI’s api, for instance, and it offers many of the capabilities for which Adam is asking.  There’s simply too much stove piping between the ‘experts’, meaning traditional geospatial experts, and the ‘amateurs’, which are mostly people coming from more traditional computer backgrounds.  Unfortuantely, I fear it might be on the shoulders of the geospatial experts to teach the rest that what we do is important and relevant.  Otherwise we’re libel to see much re-inventing of our spatial wheels… except maybe with added spinners.