Research or Teach…that is the question

Apparently it has been a busy couple of days in the UK with the Business Secretary and Science Minister having a go at academic research spending and the shift over the last decade or two toward a research focus over teaching in universities. It is somewhat surprising that these direct statements haven’t been made before now given the economic climate. Even within academia you see the tensions between “research schools” and “teaching schools” and the implications of the monikers they carry. Your homework is to contemplate this tension that exists between funders, researchers, teachers, and students, and consider how this comes together to impact Geography. We will discuss our take(s) on this tension either in this week’s podcast or in a Special Episode next week. If you have a strong opinion feel free to call us and leave a voicemail or email us.

As a counterpoint, the BBC today posted a portion of a video conversation with Stephen Hawking supporting the role of research to society. Overall, evocative stuff!