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Heavy metal…not just for the 80’s

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BBC News has a great graphic showing the fastest supercomputers around the world, sorting them by Country (where they are located), speed, OS (Linux in a landslide), application, processor manufacturer, and system manufacturer (IBM has more but Cray has faster). It is pretty interesting to see all of this information, though I would like to […]


Spatial Humanities SIG at the ESRIUC

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Since the AAG/UVA sponsored Geography and the Humanities session back in 2007 there has been an ever growing conversation about the use of spatial technologies in the humanities. UVA’s Scholars’ Lab Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship which has taken place over the last few months, including a round earlier this week, is an example of […]


A Bittersweet Last Goodbye for the Mars Phoenix Lander

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Today would have been the 2-year anniversary of the Mars Phoenix lander’s touchdown on Mars and, although it was a longshot that the lander would have survived the harsh Martian winter, numerous listening attempts have been made since January in hopes of hearing a signal from the craft. Efforts have finally ended this past week, […]


5th Anniversary Contest – Question 2

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On to the second of 5 questions. Remember, you can answer each question only once. A correct answer will mean an entry into the drawing for an XBOX 360 (answer all 5 questions correctly, you get 5 entries). All submissions must be in by midnight July 1, 2010. Additional contest details and restrictions can be found on the 5th anniversary contest page. Good Luck!
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