CrisisCamp Haiti – Saturday crisis mapping event

Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out about CrisisCamp Haiti, a crisis mapping volunteer event being held in multiple locations tomorrow, Saturday January 16th, which is going “to bring together volunteers to collaborate on technology projects which aim to assist in Haiti’s relief efforts by providing data, information, maps and technical assistance to NGOs, relief agencies and the public.”

For more information about CrisisCamp, check out the CrisisCommons Wiki. Here is a list of planned events. If you are near any of the CrisisCamp Haiti locations, head over and help out!

  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Washington DC, 16th of January
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Silicon Valley, 16th of January
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Los Angeles, 16th of January
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Brooklyn, 16th of January
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in London is being planned here: Crisis Camp London
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Boulder/Denver, 16th of January
  • Geography of Religion

    I just came out of a very interesting dissertation defense on emergence and the geograpy of religion. One of the most interesting was the Glenmary Research Center data which is one of the only religious data centes in the U.S. The other being the Pew Foundation Forum on Religion & Public Life. His topic was “A Leap of Faith: Scale, Critical Realism, and Emergence in the Geography of Religion” Which I won’t go into detail about here other than to highlight this interesting fact. West Virginia is among the underreported Appalachia’s because on maps it shows up as being largely unchurched but as anyone who lives there knows is comprised of many, many small independent churches. This was just one of the interesting things I learned during his discussion. The other was about a small county in South Dakota that is registered as the largest Episcopalian community in the U.S. but is actually predominantly native American with only one Episcopal Church. If you haven’t checked out the Geography of Religon (GOR) you should, it is fascinating. In the Dictionary of Critical Realism, there is a chapter on Geography of Religion written by the now Dr. Ferber. The AAG (American Association of Geographers) also has a Geography of Religion (GOR) group. Great Job! Dr.Ferber