My Head is a Map and other things

If you’re looking for map related gifts this year, one of the most extensive I’ve found is rare maps. You can search for maps by state or type. They even have a monthly contest to win a rare map . This December you can win a 1851 map of Russia in Europe. The only thing that I wonder about is if the maps are stand alone or come from old books. I love old books and may have to look at some of their old books too. I especially like the name of the book by reknowned map seller Tooley, “My Head is a Map”.

2 thoughts on “My Head is a Map and other things

  1. I’ve done business with Art Source International before and they do have some great stuff. They do have many framed pieces that come from older atlases and books, in good shape, but disembodied from the tomes in which they once lived. However, the map themselves are beautiful and depending on your point of view about disembodying pages from books, they may well be seen better for the art that they can be when displayed on a wall instead of sitting in a book on a shelf.

    PS Don’t go to their Boulder showroom unless you have a LOT of time to kill.

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