Geography Jokes

Something that I’ve wanted to post for a while is Reader’s Digests 50 jokes for 50 states competition. You can be entered in a chance to win $1,500 for a funny but family friendly joke about your state. According to their introductory paragragh, jokes show “the U.S.A. is one big, happy dysfunctional family” It might be great fun for family reunion to come up with jokes (or maybe not). According to a 2002 scientific study the funniest joke in the world was a hunting joke seen here. In case you were wondering there IS a geography joke site which includes funnys such as: Q:What do an astrologist and a cartographer have in common? A:They both specialise in projections.

2 thoughts on “Geography Jokes

  1. I thought I would add my own favorite geography related joke: A lost tourist driving in New Hampshire stopped to ask a local “Where does this road go?” The New Englander answered,”That thar road don’t go no whar. It just stays raght thar.” Told to me by a real New Englandar. He also said added the joke what do crows do when they see a car. They say “Caw Caw”

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