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Does GIS Make Kids Gullible?

I just read a weird article about “Some Ways to Make Children Think Santa Exists” that includes children follow Santa’s journey on Norad all the way up to a voice transmorgified phone call from Santa. Like “How to Lie With Maps“, it unitentionally raises some questions about how kids are influenced by technology. I would consider kids today to be more savvy than 1897 “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” or the kids (and adults) who believed in the Cottingly Fairies that were created using the new “photograph” technology. I think that GIS can enhance holiday experienes by tracking Santa, making family trees, showing hometowns, and generally intergrating it into everyday life. I am not so sure about voice changers.

One thought on “Does GIS Make Kids Gullible?

  1. But children exist so you can lie to them and have fun! Right? Okay, no, that’s not right, but honestly I don’t see the problem. The children will eventually grow out of it. And there heart will be shattered into a million pieces when they learn the truth, but it’ll be worth it when they prank their own kids. It’s the circle of Li(f)e!

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