Maplock…great name

maplockOver on Engadget, I did spy with my little eyes the next great accessory for geospatial technologies…the Maplock. This amazing device allows you to chain your in-car navigation unit to your steering wheel to deter thieves from smashing your window and walking away with your GPS device. Admittedly some of the in-car systems are still pricey and anything that will deter folks from bothering to smash your window to move on to an easier target is all to the good, BUT the old joke about The Club that you actually have to take it out of the plastic remains. How many folks would install this deterrent system only to never actually attach it to the steering wheel each time they get out? ‘A’ for effort and they will probably sell quite a few, but I think I will pass, and not just because I don’t own an in-car navi 🙂