Field Assets for the iPhone

IMG_0349With the large number of location apps on the iPhone and other mobile devices out there, it surprises me that there are so few (handful by my account) professional quality apps. Tonight’s round of press release emails included an intriguing mobile solution. The iPhone/iPod Touch application is called Field Assets and was developed by LBS Wireless which is another of those Aussie/US companies that seem to be popping up lately.

The app’s name (Field Assets) captures its utility, it is for capturing and assessing assets. The demo video used poweline/telephone poles, but I can see a wide area of applications for it. The app utilizes location, image, and audio capture to assist in recording information about assets. While for the iPhone the app is moderately expensive, the ginormous price of $12.99 means you have to eat lunch in one day.

I hope to see more mobile apps that support professionals niches on WinMo, Blackberry, Palm, Android or iPhone. Give us a shout if you have a professional mobile app that you use out in the field.

2 thoughts on “Field Assets for the iPhone

  1. Yes, it is to expensive, and when you export your stuff, all the advertisement comes with it. This causes a lot of export errors and time out errors when you have low bandwidth in the field.

  2. Expensive? $12.99? Get Real.. try and buy a system under a thousand bucks that does the same thing..Also advertisement? what are you talking about.. we do not have any advertising.. time out errors = low bandwidth.. yeah probably..

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