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Amazing film footage of San Francisco in 1905

When the main focus of your work is historical landscapes, like mine is, your biggest obstacles is finding good data about what that landscape looked like. I know I would do almost anything to find a source for my project like this amazing film footage of Market Street in San Francisco in 1905, before the huge 1906 earthquake. The footage was taken from a camera in the front of a streetcar moving down Market Street toward what looks to be the Embarqadero. Besides providing a great look at a typical day in a bustling city, you can see all kinds of cool things, including how nonchalant everyone is about the streetcars, horse-drawn carriages and wagons, and even automobiles coming at them from every direction.

This version of the footage is being used as a music video for an instrumental group called Air, but you can also download the video from the Library of Congress American Memory site

3 thoughts on “Amazing film footage of San Francisco in 1905

  1. There was a documentary show on last night that proved that this was actually taken in 1906, just days before the big earthquake and fire. But this is quite amazing how they did this. And to see how things were back then is awsome.

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