Cool views of the International Space Station with Photosynth

Two things that are definitely high on my cool list – space stuff and Photosynth – have come together to allow you to take a virtual tour – inside and out – of the International Space Station. Microsoft and NASA have partnered on the synths of the space station on NASA’s website. It’s a great way to get to explore the space station’s modules using the Photosynth viewer, and you can even see the 3D point cloud of the station. There are also synths available for the Mars Rover and the Hubble telescope.

The only downside is that these synths aren’t embeddable, so I can’t give you a preview here. But definitely head over to the NASA ISS Photosynth page and check it out!

GAW Contest Day 6

Today is the last chance to win a copy of Field Assets for iPhone or a piece of VerySpatial SWAG from our shelf. Please keep in mind that you must have access to the US iTunes store to redeem the codes for Field Assets and that you have until 11:59PM PST to enter. Today we ask a question that there is no correct answer for, but I am curious: What is your favorite thing about Geography?
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