Gone Trekking giveaway

The folks over at LBS Wireless who recently come out with the Field Assets app for iPhone and iPod Touch have rolled out a trio of consumer level apps with Gone Boating, Gone Flying and Gone Trekking. These apps provide the trip capture features we are beginning to expect of our travel apps but they use a full interface similar to their Field Assets app to allow users to fully document locations with photos and text. LBS Wireless is focusing on the notification features to keep family and friends informed of your progress and any issues that arise to highlight how the apps can support safety.

If you are interested in checking out the Gone Trekking app we are giving away a few copies on Thursday. To enter tweet us your favorite trek, or if you do not tweet then you can send us an email no later than Wednesday, 2 December.

Happy t-giving

turkeyIt is time for those of us in the US to sit down and eat too much turkey (gobbler or tofu) with dressing and ALL of the fixings. It is also time to give our thanks for the bounty of the year. Generally it is thanks for the harvest, but since we are not farmers we will point our thanks to you our listeners and readers, our great guests that we have interviewed over the year, and of course thanks to our sponsors who make it possible for us to keep doing what we do. Extra special thanks to those followers and companies that helped us out with our Tweet4Trees campaign.

We hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! even if you aren’t in the US. 🙂

Amazing film footage of San Francisco in 1905

When the main focus of your work is historical landscapes, like mine is, your biggest obstacles is finding good data about what that landscape looked like. I know I would do almost anything to find a source for my project like this amazing film footage of Market Street in San Francisco in 1905, before the huge 1906 earthquake. The footage was taken from a camera in the front of a streetcar moving down Market Street toward what looks to be the Embarqadero. Besides providing a great look at a typical day in a bustling city, you can see all kinds of cool things, including how nonchalant everyone is about the streetcars, horse-drawn carriages and wagons, and even automobiles coming at them from every direction.

This version of the footage is being used as a music video for an instrumental group called Air, but you can also download the video from the Library of Congress American Memory site

GAW Contest winners and answers.

As we head back into the 51 weeks a year where we think Geography Awareness Week is every week, we need to look back announce our final winners and the answers to the week’s questions. We would like to congratulate all of our winners and to point out our next anniversary contest that will be starting just around the corner in April.

Field Assets App winners – Aaron from St Louis, Robert from San Francisco, Rafa from Portland, Shawn from Austin, Lee from Decatur, and Andrew from Utah

SWAG winners – Josh from Asheville, Jess from DC, Andrew from Meadville, Sriharsha from Fairfax, Pete from Asheville and Joe from Long Island

The questions and answers for last week…

  • What country is home to Lake Nasser? – Egypt
  • What is the longest river in Alaska? – Yukon
  • What wavelength results in green (in nanometers)? – between 500-560 nm
  • What is the description of relationships between elements within and between vector objects? – Topology
  • What famous park in NY City did Fredrick Law Olmstead help to design? – Central Park (or others)
  • What is your favorite thing about Geography? – a little bit of everything
  • Cool views of the International Space Station with Photosynth

    Two things that are definitely high on my cool list – space stuff and Photosynth – have come together to allow you to take a virtual tour – inside and out – of the International Space Station. Microsoft and NASA have partnered on the synths of the space station on NASA’s website. It’s a great way to get to explore the space station’s modules using the Photosynth viewer, and you can even see the 3D point cloud of the station. There are also synths available for the Mars Rover and the Hubble telescope.

    The only downside is that these synths aren’t embeddable, so I can’t give you a preview here. But definitely head over to the NASA ISS Photosynth page and check it out!

    GAW Contest Day 6

    Today is the last chance to win a copy of Field Assets for iPhone or a piece of VerySpatial SWAG from our shelf. Please keep in mind that you must have access to the US iTunes store to redeem the codes for Field Assets and that you have until 11:59PM PST to enter. Today we ask a question that there is no correct answer for, but I am curious: What is your favorite thing about Geography?
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