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Great California ShakeOut – World’s Largest Earthquake Drill

With the recent devastating earthquakes in the Pacific region, the Great California ShakeOut is a very timely event. On October 15th, at 10:15am local time, millions of Californians are going to be participating in the world’s largest earthquake drill. Although we are powerless to stop natural disasters like earthquakes from happening, knowing what to do and how you can help yourself and others in such as disaster can be crucial.

On the ShakeOut website, there are lots of resources to give you more information about the event, including an interactive map. According the site today, some 5.8 million participants have already registered, from individuals to schools and universities, local governments and other groups. So, if you’re a resident of California, make sure you head over to the ShakeOut website and register if you’d like to participate or just look over the resources and information on the site. Even if you’re not a Californian, there’s lots of good advice and important information on earthquakes and how to prepare.

3 thoughts on “Great California ShakeOut – World’s Largest Earthquake Drill

  1. California’s ShakeOut program is fantastic, yet more Californians need to be aware and participate. Perhaps recent quakes, like the ones in Eureka and Haiti, will wake some more folks up in California!

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