Tweet4Trees drive round-up

Tweet4TreesFor our fourth anniversary we decided to recognize our listeners and winners while also supporting the environment. On that note we announced our Tweet4Trees drive a while back suggesting that we would donate $1 per person following us at http://twitter.com/veryspatial as of our recent AVSP: Live! show, with the stipulation of up to 500 people. We are happy to announce that as of the live show we had 286 followers, but since we had already set aside $500 we are going with the full donation to be split between the Green Belt Movement and American Forests.

We are excited that our campaign sponsors Landmark Information Group and ESRI will be matching a portion of our donation to environmental organizations of their choice. We want to thank them for supporting the environment and recognizing our 4th anniversary.

Finally, Frank pledged $2 per person at the live show as well. Since we had about 25 people at the live show that is another $50 dollars bringing the VerySpatial donation to $550 total or $275 to each organization. We would like to thank all of you, our readers and listeners, for supporting us over the last four years and we look forward to next year’s fifth anniversary.