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Remote Sensing Used to Discover Ancient Roman Site

Really, what CAN’T geospatial do?  Researchers out of University of Padua in Italy took aerial photos of an area just north of Venice and discovered what used to be Altinum, a thriving city that existed before Venice.  The site is fairly unique in that it’s one of the few places that haven’t been built upon by later generations, thus making it ripe for study.  The team intends to continue their work using LiDAR and other techniques to help archeologists figure out the best places to continue their work excavating this important site.

One thought on “Remote Sensing Used to Discover Ancient Roman Site

  1. Well, this is a good news.

    LiDAR technology is certainly helpful to excavate and unearth important sites and articfacts. This technology is used to detect distant and small objects. Not to mention that it can actually give researchers the precise details and measurement of objects in various angles.

    These guys here use LiDAR via helicopters and planes:

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