Google Earth Enterprise 3.2 Released

The crew over on the Google Earth Enterprise have a new version to announce – 3.2.  The fellows over at Google have had a pretty busy week, what with the big OS announcement, not to mention the offical launch of much of their product line, so it’d be easy to miss this in the diluge of information.  However, this new version adds a lot of functionality to their product and it’s well worth checking out the blog for more information.  Look for a good interview with Dylan, the project lead on GEE, in a near future episode!

2 thoughts on “Google Earth Enterprise 3.2 Released

  1. I had my people obtain (by means I cannot admit to) from the Google Labs a model of the new Google OS and even better than that, the platform they plan on running it on! It’s a radical new design slate computer! Sure enough it browses the internet, runs Google-Apps, has a task bar, prints and has a true chrome interface!
    I will withhold judgement right now but I am not shaking in my boots over competition from this thing! I could be wrong, what do you guys think?

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