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Eye-Fi SD Card Adds Geotagging to Pics

Engadget is reporting the release of Eye-Fi’s new WiFi enabled SD card.  It provided automatic geotagging for life for all your pictures.  The product is designed specifically to work with iPhoto and all things Mac, which should be an exceptionally nice integration into iPhoto 09’s new geotagging features with ‘Places’.  The press release is a little light on details on how the geotagging works, but clearly it’s WiFi based.  That leads one to wonder how it knows a picture was taken in a place with no WiFi.  I have to think the “geotag” is based on the place you upload, which might not be the place you shot the photo.  Still, it’s a pretty cool service.  The card is kinda pricey at $60 for 2GB, but built in WiFi and geotagging ain’t gonna be free!  It’s still a better deal than most prosumer DSLR grade GPS’s, which can easily run two or three times that price.  The Eye-Fi SD card is available in stores as of today, it appears.