The Solar Human Hybrid Project – by an 8th Grader!

Anyway you do the math, the SOHH Project is one pretty cool ride.  The vehicle holds four people (plus a dog!) and cargo, and runs off solar and person power.  It can go upwards of 14 mph and is street legal, which isn’t too terrible for around the neighborhood travel.  The whole project was invisioned as a way to re-think transportation modes and methods… plus it was created by an kid in 8th grade (with adult help from his father)!  The site some pictures from the build process and a pretty good detail of the build process.  Most importantly, the vehicle features a GPS unit and the all important iPod dock.

Layar – Augmented Reality for Android and iPhone 3GS

Jesse and I are on the road covering the Game Education Summit, but I wanted to take a quick minute and post this video preview of Layar, an Augmented Reality browser for Android phones and the new iPhone, developed by SPRXmobile. Layar uses GPS, compass (available with Android and soon to be available with the iPhone 3GS) and camera functionality to get a user’s location and then overlay information in real time. There are a number of projects that have been working with AR for awhile now, Layar will be one of the first, if not the first, to get an app out there in general release.

Via Gizmodo

Landmark Information Group – Tweet4Trees Sponsor

LandmarkAs part of our Tweet4Trees campaign to celebrate our fourth anniversary we put out a call to companies to help us plant trees. The first company to respond was Landmark Information Group which supplies environmental services, land and property search information, and geospatial data with offices in the UK and the Netherlands. We hope to interview them in the near future, until then we asked them to supply a short description of their company offerings.

Landmark is Britain’s leading supplier of land and property search information. Providing digital mapping, planning and environmental risk information, Landmark also delivers comprehensive geographic solutions. Landmark’s success has been founded on creating new and innovative information services by combining and consolidating a variety of environmental and geographical datasets. All property related investment decisions are affected by potential environmental and planning risks and liabilities. Landmark’s skill and expertise serves the market need for accurate and timely information – information which makes for informed decision making – managing risk and opportunity.

Two of their discreet products are ProMap, a UK web mapping portal targeted towards professional with a wealth of base layers, and GoView, a straightforward mapping service for estate agents. These stand alone products along with their wealth of environmental and planning data and professional services help Landmark Information Group address a range of geospatial needs.

We would like to thank Landmark in supporting our Tweet4Trees drive and recognizing VerySpatial on our 4th anniversary.

Holistic City’s CityCAD turns one year old

citycad_title_6Sue and I had a chance to Chris Sharpe of Holistic City about their CityCAD and Streetscape software solutions. That will be released later this month, but I wanted to highlight the deal they are running now for CityCAD’s first anniversary. When you sign up for a commercial subscription of CityCAD before June 30, you will receive two additional installs free.

I am a fan of CityCAD as a planning tool because of its sketch oriented functionality. The software is more about interactive design where you want to create something quickly and iteratively. On top of the quick and easy plan creation though it does offer more advanced tools and model import as well. I haven’t had a chance to try it on a tablet or laptop in the field, but I can see CityCAD being a great field tool to help stakeholders to see what is suggested and to make edits to plan models in real time. While educators can’t take advantage of the 3 for 1 deal, the price is amazingly low and I can think of a million ways to use CityCAD in Urban Geography or planning classes.

Check out our conversation with Chris later this month and check out the 3 for 1 deal on CityCAD subscriptions through June 30, ’09.

NYC’s High Line Park opens – cool new use for abandoned urban rail line

highlineI was browsing through some blog entries this evening, and saw a post from Inhabitat about the opening of the High Line Park in New York City, which is an urban park created from an abandoned elevated train line. I had not heard of this before today, but after looking at the photo gallery, this is one of the coolest projects I have seen in awhile. How cool is it to be able to take a relaxing stroll a couple of storeys above the street level, take in the nice landscaping and greenery, and even lay back on some cool wooden chaises that are fitted in with casters so they can slide along the old rail. Neat!

If you are NYC resident, or are going to visit the city, the High Line Park should be a must see!