Share your work at the ESRI UC

I am in presentation mode for the ESRI UC and EdUC already and reminders of other ways to contribute to the conferences keep popping up on my radar. You can submit up to three images by June 15 to be considered for presentation during the conference plenary. You can also submit to the Map Gallery and the new Virtual Map Gallery.

This year the number of concurrent conferences has increased as well. If you are going to be in town for the UC you may want to look into the long standing EdUC and Survey & Engineering Summit, the 2nd Remote Sensing Summit, and the newly moved Business GIS and Homeland Security Summits.

For more information about the concurrent conferences and submission guidelines head over to

Autodesk’s Project Dragonfly

Autodesk has a pretty cool new toy – Dragonfly!  The program is an online CAD like tool that allows you to map interior spaces.  You can use it to get an idea of how a room decoraction is going to go, or possiblly what can be done with a remodel.  Perhaps best of all, you can project between a 2D top down view and a 3D rendering of the room with just one button click.  The tool is fast and fairly easy to use.  I used it to figure out how to finish my currently unfinished basement (image below).  I wanted a big open space, but a bedroom, bath, and storage room down there.  Playing around with Dragonfly helped me figure out the porportions, ’cause I didn’t really know how big a bathroom needed to be.  If you get a chance to play with it, give it a whirl!