Turn-by-turn on your (i)Phone

Electronista posted suggesting that TomTom might be hiring an iPhone dev to create a turn-by-turn app for the upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS/firmware/whatever. While I am pretty sure that if TomTom was building an iPhone app (and they probably are) they wouldn’t need to hire outside devs, the real issue is whether or not turn-by-turn on your cell phone is the best option. We have had the “all-in-one vs many devices” conversation a couple of times on the podcast with no real lead on either side, but I still lean toward one device to always have with you (the ever growing ‘swiss army’ phone approach) and a device that does the job well. My iPhone is great at being a phone and a pocket computer, but is mediocre at GPS, pictures, recording audio…and still can’t do many things like video. But I don’t need it to do everything well since I have a camera, an audio recorder, a video camera, etc that I take with me when I need them.
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