New Poll – Favorite social media site

We are all bouncing around between social media these days to keep up with friends, make new connections, and generally expand our personal network. VerySpatial has become a Twitter and Facebook house (office?), but we want to know what sites you prefer. As always, we are asking you for your favorite, and since some of you flit between sites or apps like dragonflies I am sure it will be a tough decision, but you can do it.

Your choices are Facebook, Twitter, TheGISForum, Linked In, Ning, MySpace (admit it, some of you still use it), and other. If you choose other please email us the other social networking site.

As for the old poll, we are sticking with the featured content on the front page since there was a pretty wide margin (65% vs 35%) to stick with the current interface.

Lost in the Virtual Fog – making the interactive connection, part 1

keyhole1My dissertation proposal defense is finally over and, since I passed, it’s time to get back to work and really get the functionality on the Spatial Experience Engine ramped up. During my presentation and in the Q-and-A with my committee afterward, I kept coming back to the issue of interaction in the virtual world. I’ve been ruminating on this quite a bit over the last few months, once I got the basic terrain and model drawing stuff out of the way. I think the key to making all of this work and be compelling for users is of course the UI (User Interface).
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D Conference this week

For the last few years Wall Street Journal columnists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher have been putting on the D Conference. In past year impressive tech have been demonstrated and a few hardware and software announces have been made. If you are interested in finding out what your tech future may hold check out the conference highlights over the next couple of days or follow engadget or other tech blogs as they live blog some of the presentations at D7.