New poll – Site design

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We are waffling about the design of the front page of We like the idea of having featured content, but right now we aren’t sure we are creating enough ‘feature’ content to warrant it. We want to make sure that the site is useful. On that note we are running a poll for the […]

Associations/Groups – Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society

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The RSPSoc – Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society is a UK-based academic association that looks at the application to education, science, research, industry, commerce and the public service of RS and aerial imagery. The RSPSoc maintains a significant number of activities and publications. The upcoming RSPSoc 2009 conference will be taking place in Leicester on […]

Earth Day Goodies

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Around the U.S. there are lots of retail stores, community groups, and all kinds of organizations participating in the 39th Earth Day (April 22nd). Some stores are eve offering freebies and cool deals to help celebrate the event, and help you get a start on going green. Here are a couple of free offers I’ve […]

Where 2.0 offers 39% Earth Day discount!

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Just got this email from O’Reilly with great news for all you last-minute Where 2.0 attendees – “To celebrate Earth Day’s 39 years of existence, we’re offering an unprecedented 39% discount off any Where 2.0 Conference package. Use discount code: whr09erd when registering, and make sure you sign up between now and 11:59 pm PST […]

The Green Effect – A Chance to Win $20,000 for Your Green Project

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Just got my latest MyWonderfulWorld e-newsletter, and National Geographic and SunChips are announcing a new initiative called the Green Effect, which will award $20,000 each to 5 individuals or groups to implement their community green project. The contest opens on April 22nd and runs until June 8th. You’ll be able submit your green idea to […]