Earth Day Goodies

Around the U.S. there are lots of retail stores, community groups, and all kinds of organizations participating in the 39th Earth Day (April 22nd). Some stores are eve offering freebies and cool deals to help celebrate the event, and help you get a start on going green. Here are a couple of free offers I’ve found so far:

Disney Stores are offering an Earth Day promotion where each person who brings in 3 plastic bottles to any Disney Store location on Earth Day will receive a free gift.

Home Depot stores are giving away 1 million free Ecosmart CFL light bulbs, one per customer, staring on April 19th.

Starbucks customers in Canada can get a free cup of coffee on Earth Day if they bring in a travel mug.

If you join, you can get a free download of the book Wake Up and Smell the Planet.

So, here’s just a few that I came across today, so check your local stores and surf the web for more ways that stores and organizations are celebrating with freebies and deals!