K-12 In West Virginia to get ESRI licenses

Just got a bit of news that’s not been officially announced but kicking around the state – the K-12 schools in West Virginia are getting a 3 year license for ESRI software, donated from ESRI itself!  I’m a little unclear exactly how much of the software they’re getting (does it include server for example?), but it will be a state wide site license and prominately feature the full ArcGIS license.  Supposedly the high schools and middle schools have greatly expanded their computer infrastructure, so they’ll have access to equipment that can run the software.  I’m slightly curious about hand-held stuff too, as I doubt many schools have GPS units capable of running ArcPad.  However, despite the vaugaries, this is pretty exciting news.  Kids who otherwise would have zero exposure to GIS and Geospatial technologies are going to get some good, hands on experience with arguablly the most widespread tools in the business.  That can’t help but be good for West Virginia.

ETA: Made it clearer this is a donation from ESRI.

Moving to new server

Just a heads up that we may experience some down time over the weekend as our host will be moving the VerySpatial site to a new server. I have spent the last couple of days backing up the horrendous mess I call a directory structure (haven’t cleaned up since the new design went live) and I will be taking the last database snapshot on Friday afternoon before I send the all clear email. This won’t impact the MP3 version of the podcast since its RSS feed lives on a different server, but it may impact all of the other feeds depending on how long we are down.

Also, the Roadshow/Conference feed has been updated and works correctly once again. Interviews recorded at the AAG will be making their way to the conference feed once the site is up and running on its new server.