Where to find us at the AAG

In case you missed it, we are going to the AAG next week. We will be there in our podcast personas as well as for our day jobs (aka grad students). Here is a list of the papers we will be giving at the conference along with their details in case you were wondering. And yes, they are all on Wednesday.

  • Barbara MacLennan w/ Sue and Frank – U.S. Solid Waste Policy and Ethics of Place, 8AM in Capri 104, Riviera Hotel
  • Jesse Rouse w/ Sue – Building and experiencing virtual worlds, 3:50 in Skybox 212, Riviera Hotel
  • Susan Bergeron – Engaging the Virtual Landscape: Spatial Narratives and geographic knowledge in immersive virtual landscapes, 4:30 in North Hall N120, Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Frank Lafone w/ Evan Fedorko – Neogeography and Participatory GIS for Data Validation, 5:40 in North Hall N120, Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Oh yeah, and don’t forget to join us on Sunday afternoon for the AVSP Live! show. We hope to see a good turn out at the conference and we already have quite a few interviews lined up during the conference. As long as we can afford internet we will be uploading daily updates from the conference. Send us a tweet or an email if you would like to say hi at the conference.

    Time for Nuclear Power… again?

    Ars Technica has a nice discussion about nuclear power discussions that took place at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.  The short of it is that several prominate scientists are arguing that nuclear power has a place in our future power needs.  Coming from a coal state, I’ve often wondered about which is the lesser of two evils – nuclear power or coal energy.  I’m certain strong and informed opinions can be made both in the pro and con column for each technology.  What I believe this strongly underscores is the notion that we will most likely use a mix of technologies to power ourselves in the future.