Fall out of an evening on twitter

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On Monday night one @geobabbler made a seemingly innocent comment about acquiring a copy of ArcView 1.0. From this innocuous tweet grew a storm of conversation leading to the setting up of a Windows 3.1 virtual machine in order to run ArcView 1 by a certain @druidsmith…the resulting blog post may not be for the […]

Are you following Frank Musik?

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A friend told me about this musician, Frankmusik, who has challenged himself to travel to his final gig using nothing but myspace and his cell phone. It is a pretty neat viral idea that uses all types of social media including Google Earth and blogs. Even if it’s a PR stunt its hard not to […]

Digital Urban on Jesse’s AAG session

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Digital Urban has an overview of a few of the sessions from last week’s Association of American Geographers conference in Las Vegas. One of the sessions was the Virtual Learning Environments session that I presented in. While I will be posting my presentation later in the week you can get a great overview of the […]

Welcome back to Catholicgauze

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It is great to hear that Catholicgauze has returned from a few months in Iraq. I would definitely recommend checking out the Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze blog if you are not already a reader for the great content is already up on the site and whatever he has planned now that he is back in […]

Earth Hour is back again

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I am a bit late for those on the other side of the world, but at 8:30 PM local time Saturday March 28 you should turn of your lights for an hour in recognition of Earth Hour. Earth Hour is about increasing awareness of global energy issues. Share your participation on Twitter, blogs, etc, visit […]

The World’s Eyes Project

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Gizmodo has a pretty cool post about MIT’s Word’s Eyes Project.  The idea behind the project is to look at the world through the photos posted on Flickr.  What they’re trying to capture are the ways we – mostly as tourists – capture the world around us.  Of course there are lots of projects and […]

Presentation day at AAG

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Somehow the whole VerySpatial crew ended up being scheduled on the same day (Wednesday) at the AAG this year. Barb presents first this morning in about 10 minutes, Sue and Jesse both present in the 3:10 timeslot in different buildings and Frank presents in the second half of the session Sue is in at the […]

Where 2.0 Early Registration and 20% Discount

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Don’t forget that early registration for Where 2.0 (this May 19-21) ends on March 31. Early registration saves you a significant amount off of the cost, AND I have been misleading you about our coupon code whr09vsp saying it would save you an extra 10%…it will actually save you an extra 20% off of registration […]

My AAG story via Whrrl

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I am giving the new Whrrl 2.0 a spin this week. I am building a story around my time in Vegas and you can view it or add to it via the Whirl website. You can join the event by commenting and posting photos if you have a (free) Whrrl account (can also use your […]