Poll reminder

Just a quick reminder that we have a poll going on over at VerySpatial.com. The question is “Which upcoming conference would you most like to attend?” with the possible answers of ASPRS, AAG, ESRI Dev Summit, AGILE, and Where 2.0. The Dev Summit is currently in 2nd place with Where 2.0 in the lead. If you are heading to Where 2.0 this year be sure to use our coupon code whr09vsp to save an additional 10% off the early registration fee.

Media Vehicle – Virtual Reality Mecha Style

For those of you who have always wanted to pilot your own giant mecha battle robot, Japanese researchers have taken another step toward the dream with the development of the Media Vehicle (site is in Japanese), which is a pod-like personal VR chamber that envelopes the user in a spherical display with no access to outside stimuli, while leaving the legs free to move. Definitely not for claustrophobics, but it’s still a pretty amazing machine.

Video of the Media Vehicle in action