Location and touch in your next GIS

Around the tubes rumors have surfaced regarding the inclusion of CoreLocation and Touch SDKs in the next desktop version of the MacOS X, AKA Snow Leopard. As a Mac fan I am pretty excited about in of these types of rumors, since they promise a great deal to those folks who are making the next round of GIS applications. Whether we are talking about a Mac only app like Cartographica or multi platform apps like QGIS or uDig there is the chance for great interface and backend changes. Perhaps even more impressive in Snow Leopard is the inclusion of OpenCL, which will allow developers to take advantage of the raw power of GPUs when they aren’t being used for drawing graphics. Imagine running an analysis on a 64bit system with multiple CPU cores AND your multiple GPU cores…blazing fast GIS baby. The question is how long will it take Microsoft to implement these features in Windows so that we can see them in the mainstream GIS desktop apps.

The Map Room: CoreLocation and Snow Leopard.