Sub-glacial antarctic mountains mapped

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BBC news has an interesting article on the mapping of the Gamburtsevs which lie under the ice in Antarctica. The article describes the use of radar, magnetic, and sonic/seismic remote sensing methods by a group of scientists, engineers, pilots and support staff from the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, China and Japan. Definitely an interesting […]


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VisiWiki or the Visual Wiki is like visiting inside someone’s head. It almost provides a cognitive map of specific topics such as geography. I looked up Guns,Germs, and Steel and it was like wandering Wiki, You Tube, Google Maps, Flikr, and Yahoo without all the browsing time. The topic Geographic Information Systems of course brings […]

Gesture-based input for 3D

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Engadget has a post on iPoint 3D brings gesture-based inputs to 3D displays with an example pic straight of an Autodesk demo. The pic aside I expect the technology they are discussing is fairly similar to what Microsoft uses for the surface (without having to actually touch the panel) and has been shown off a […]

Poll reminder

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Just a quick reminder that we have a poll going on over at The question is “Which upcoming conference would you most like to attend?” with the possible answers of ASPRS, AAG, ESRI Dev Summit, AGILE, and Where 2.0. The Dev Summit is currently in 2nd place with Where 2.0 in the lead. If […]