New Poll and poll results

A new poll has gone up over at Our new question is “Which of the upcoming conference would you most like to attend?”

  • AAG
  • ESRI Dev Summit
  • Where 2.0
  • Of course we would all like the freedom of travel to make to all of the conferences, but we are making you choose just one of these great choices.

    As for the last poll, we had 211 responses to the question: “What type of Geographer are you?” The results were as follows:

  • Physical – 15%
  • Human – 25%
  • GIScience – 37%
  • Cartographer – 22%
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    Jesse is Instructor in Geography and a PhD candidate in Geography focusing on the integration of phenomenology and geospatial technologies to study prehistoric cultural landscape. He is a GIS Professional and Registered Professional Archaeologist and holds an MA in Geography and a BS in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology.