Location on your phone?

Sue and Frank gave e gruff on this week’s episode about the volume of location apps I have (or at least had) on my phone, so i decided to share the current list and ask others what location apps they are running. I have reduced the number of apps substantially. At one time I had all 8 pages (the max you can have on the iPhone) filled with location apps, free and otherwise, but I am down to only seven location apps:

Maps, GPS Tracker, BrightKite, EarthScape, Google Earth, OSM Track, TrackMe, and a number of apps that can pull location for various tasks.

I can’t even say that I use all of these that often. The question for you though, is what apps to you have installed on your mobile device and how often do you use them?

One thought on “Location on your phone?

  1. Jesse,
    I use BrightKite and Loopt all the time as you’ve probably noticed through Twitter. BrightKite is good for posting photos and I find that Loopt is better suited to see where your friends are in relation to your location. I live in Atlanta and think its pretty cool to ping my friends to see where they are using Loopt. I am trying to make this technology more than just a novelty but at this point, that’s exactly what it is…I see using LBS’s in emergency response very useful. Especially with BrightKite because you can check in to a location using SMS which I think every phone in the world has now! Check out this quick comparison on I would put my money on BrightKite!


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