Location on your phone?

Sue and Frank gave e gruff on this week’s episode about the volume of location apps I have (or at least had) on my phone, so i decided to share the current list and ask others what location apps they are running. I have reduced the number of apps substantially. At one time I had all 8 pages (the max you can have on the iPhone) filled with location apps, free and otherwise, but I am down to only seven location apps:

Maps, GPS Tracker, BrightKite, EarthScape, Google Earth, OSM Track, TrackMe, and a number of apps that can pull location for various tasks.

I can’t even say that I use all of these that often. The question for you though, is what apps to you have installed on your mobile device and how often do you use them?


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Jesse is Instructor in Geography and a PhD candidate in Geography focusing on the integration of phenomenology and geospatial technologies to study prehistoric cultural landscape. He is a GIS Professional and Registered Professional Archaeologist and holds an MA in Geography and a BS in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology.