CES ‘09 Location Tech – Thursday

Another day, another bunch of location tech announcements.

  • Garmin rolls out nuvi 865T, ditches 8×0 seriesvia Engadget
  • Sony shows off GPS packing 1080p camcordersvia Engadget
  • SPOT Assist brings GPS-based roadside assistance to Messengervia Engadget
  • Pharos Traveller 137 hands-onvia Engadget
  • Navigon keeps PNDs fresh with downloadable data packsvia Engadget
  • TomTom Go 740 Live: Their Connected GPS [GPS]via Gizmodo
  • Garmin ecoRoute Wants to Make You a Better, Less Gassy Driver [Ecoroute]via Gizmodo
  • Navigon Offering Red Light Camera Warnings For GPS Devices [Ces 2009]via Gizmodo