Jesse’s Jaunt

I am trying out Instamapper’s GPS Tracking app for the iPhone on my trip across the state today. So once I hit the road the dot should follow me along every minute or so. It isn’t quite like following Santa’s progress tomorrow, but it may amuse a few of you 🙂

UPDATE: The app seems to work as suggested. The web back end took a couple of minutes to work my way through to download the results (available as KML, GPX, CSV…) but it all worked well. As with any iPhone app it has to be running in the foreground to work, but you can still use the iPod functionality in the background (which will also keep the iPhone from going to sleep). If you have a Blackberry or Android device you may want to check out their clients.

GPS tracking powered by InstaMapper.com

3 thoughts on “Jesse’s Jaunt

  1. Hi ,if you could possibly provide some information how you got this map to work, that would be appreciated, doesnt seem to be much out there about how to use the csv files to generate the coordinates. I’m getting the map just no coordinates. Thanks

  2. There are 2 possible questions that you are asking as I see it, so I will answer both and see if one solves the problem.

    1) No locations on the embedable map. The location markers are generated automatically when you have linked your device to InstaMapper (details on their site). You do not have to do the overlay yourself though you may want to put an automatic updater on the page to show the most recent location.

    2) Using the downloadable data. KML of course has become a standard and can be used in most situations, but if you want to download various formats you have to choose the start and end points on the data page (right-click on the data points and choose from context menu) and save it as a new path/track. Once saved you can go to your list of saved paths and save your new path in KML, CSV, GPX, or image. The columns in the CSV are Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (ft), Speed (mph), and Heading.

    I hope one of these answers your questions. If not you might have some luck at http://forums.instamapper.com/

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