Geospatial resolutions

With the New Year almost upon us I thought it might be interesting to ask whether folks have resolutions this year that relate to Geography or geospatial technologies, and if so, what those resolutions are. Two of mine are 1) that I want to scratch out time to do more hands-on again with products I don’t use very often and 2) to finish up all of the analysis and writing for my dissertation. Yeah, I know these are pretty straight forward, but I like to aim low so that I can be happy that I actually succeeded in my resolutions at the end of the year. 🙂

So what are your resolutions? We may read a few on next week’s episode so leave a comment or send them to us directly.

Merry Christmas

xmas-sueHo ho ho and all of that 😉

Hopefully the Sue elf brought you all the podcasts you asked for this year! We here at VerySpatial plan to do a little updating over the next month as we head toward our 3.5 year anniversary in January. Keep an eye out for a new site design, a new contest, and for our live shows at the AAG, ESRI UC, and other locations throughout the year.

Happy Holidays one and all!

An ode to Santa’s other helpers

xmas-frank(reposted from Sue’s original on Dec 25, 07)

Twas Christmas eve twilight, when all through the lab
Not a creature was stirring, not even a tech;
The maps and routes were all planned out with care,
To help St. Nicholas get from here to there;
The mapmakers were huddled all snug at their desks,
While visions of flight plans danced in their heads;
Santa’s cartographer in his ‘kerchief, his aide in a cap,
Had just settled down for a well-deserved nap,
When out from the printer there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from their desks to see what was the matter.
Away to the monitors they flew like a flash,
And hurriedly checked out the North Pole weathersat.
The swirling cloudmass and new-fallen snow
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Jesse’s Jaunt

I am trying out Instamapper’s GPS Tracking app for the iPhone on my trip across the state today. So once I hit the road the dot should follow me along every minute or so. It isn’t quite like following Santa’s progress tomorrow, but it may amuse a few of you 🙂

UPDATE: The app seems to work as suggested. The web back end took a couple of minutes to work my way through to download the results (available as KML, GPX, CSV…) but it all worked well. As with any iPhone app it has to be running in the foreground to work, but you can still use the iPod functionality in the background (which will also keep the iPhone from going to sleep). If you have a Blackberry or Android device you may want to check out their clients.

GPS tracking powered by

Earthscape Santa Tracker


Last night I downloaded and started playing with the new Earthscape Santa Tracker. This free iPhone app builds on some of the basic features of the full Earthscape app by adding Santa’s planned route for Christmas Eve. The app also features holiday themed photos that have been submitted by users of the full app. Since the app is free you may want to grab it as a trial version of Earthscape to check out some of the features.