Episode 172 follow-up

This past weekend we released an episode that was a bit disjointed. When we recorded it I thought I was going to toss it out and record a new episode, because there were so many directions. After listening to it though I realized that it is what the neogeo landscape is like in an academic department, everyone is taking a little piece of, or ignoring, neogeo and focusing on their interpretation of that piece that impacts them.

In the past we have talked about neogeography topics, but we had a fairly organized plan of attack. This time I surprised everyone with the fact that we were recording 🙂 We found our way through the discussion in due course but not without different perspectives. The bit that I found most compelling was Frank’s focus on the issues of neogeo data and how he went straight toward those topics that traditional geographers focus on…how to validate and vet user generated content. The confusion and disjointedness of the episode reflects that there are clearly different perspectives on the topic. Let us know what you think about how those in the traditional geospatial professions, government, and academia are considering the data, tools, and approaches that have come to light in the last few years.