Moving and updating GIS list

If you are looking for the fairly out of date list of desktop GIS options, apologies. We are updating the list and moving it back to the main VerySpatial site (used to be on a subdomain). The updated list should be up by the end of 2008, though a draft will be up in early December so that we can get feed back on solutions that we might miss. Check back soon.

OSMTrack – OSM data collection on the iPhone

While looking through the new apps feed for the iPhone this morning I came across the OSMTrack app. OSMTrack is an application that allows you to use the iPhone 3G’s GPS to capture tracks and waypoints and upload them directly from the iPhone to the OpenStreetMap servers. Other than heading over and registering for an OpenStreetMap account if you do not have one, and entering the information under Settings on the iPhone, you are ready to go once you have downloaded the app. The interface appears straightforward though I haven’t had a chance to take it out for a trip yet to test it. If it is as simple as it appears I will definitely be submitting WV data to OSM in the near future.

Visit iTunes to download OSMTrack