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‘New pathway’ for African exodus

You may remember back to our earliest episodes of VerySpatial TV where we each took part in the Genographic project and talked about our results. We may (or may not) have mentioned that the “Out of Africa” theory has been the predominate view for our (humans or Homo sapiens sapiens) distribution around the globe. Apparently researchers have found evidence that the route assumed by most researchers may not have been the only route through northern Africa, but there have been waterways that existed 100,000 years ago that have left channels in the bedrock under the Sahara. Early humans could have taken advantage of these waterways, which would have of course provided not only water, but would have been surrounded by vegetation and would have attracted game animals.

Stories like this always excite me as they connect my two degree areas of Anthropology and Geography. Be sure to check out the BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | ‘New pathway’ for African exodus article to read more

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