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Make Your Own Electorial Map

This is a great tool for those interested in the US Presidential Election – make your own electoral map! The idea is that pundits tells us over and over why they think a certain state might lean a certain way. You’ve undoubtedly got your own theories about how, say, Wisconsin is going to vote. Well now you can click right on Wisconsin and change whether the state is strongly one way or the other, leaning one way or the other, or just a flat out toss-up. It’s a fun exercise and gets you thinking about the electoral college.

Also, head over to google maps voting registration page to see if your state’s registration deadline has passed. Just type in your address, and Google will let you know if your deadline has passed or not and how you can get registered in your state. If you haven’t registered, make sure you get out and register to vote before the deadline!

One thought on “Make Your Own Electorial Map

  1. This functionality is in most of the online maps, including Google’s electoral map that I outlined in a post a couple of days ago.

    Just wanted to let you know that this is a pretty common feature in most online maps.

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