Geode starts the conversation

I have to say that Mozilla Labs Geode has kicked up some good questions over on the Geowanking listserv. The most important, I think, is the discussion on the W3C geolocation standard and the fact that it is meant to be an API for grabbing device location information, not for storing. This means that the W3C standard is not meant to compete with existing data standards such as KML, GeoRSS, etc. Geode then is a tool that allows you to use wifi (aka Skyhook Wireless) location technologies to capture your location on sites that are location (Geode) enabled. I have only used Geode on the Mozilla Labs site and Fire Eagle, but it seems quite functionable with these sites. The short coming is that it only compatible with Firefox, but what LBS aficionado doesn’t at least have Firefox installed for occasional use.

I am curious to see how folks compare this to Skyhook’s own Loki toolbar.

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