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Corn Mazes – Fun for all!

Even though it’s a little late in the season, I couldn’t resist posting about a fun harvest time adventure for all ages – corn mazes! You can find people making them in lots of places where corn is grown (or maize for some of our readers), and of course they are often combined with those other fun down-on-the-farm activities like hay rides. Sadly, although I grew up in a corn-growing area and tromped through many cornfields, none of them were laid out into cool mazes.

Of course, for those of you who don’t want to miss out like I did, there are many resources on the Interwebs where you can find maps and directories of corn mazes, like Corn Mazes America or Corn Maze Directory, the USGS has a webpage on teaching Geography using corn mazes, and a site called Harvest Moon even has a virtual corn maze for people who’d rather not go outside at all.