GeoEye-1 image sample from ITT sensor

ITT, the company that created the ‘earth imaging payload’ on the recent GeoEye-1 satellite, has posted a sample image from the satellite. While the image isn’t raw, it is still impressive. It is a fusion image created from blending the 0.41m panchromatic image and the 1.65m color image. I remember fusion from just a decade ago that blended IRS with LandSat that I though was great, but this clearly pushes us to the point where satellite is truly competing with aerial imagery…and more importantly can you imagine the size of datasets created when you classify them 🙂

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Marine Sanctuaries in Google Earth

Ars Technica is reporting about a new layer for marine sanctuaries being added to Google Earth. To me, this is a perfect example of some of the issues Jesse, Sue, and I discussed in the podcast on data. More and more data – and much of it exceptionally scientifically rich, like this one – is making its way to the public via delivery mechanisms like Google Earth. Sites like Google Earth Outreach will help people find new sources of information and the platform can help people understand some of these complex issues more fully. If you’re interested in marine life specifically, or even a good example for distributing scientific data, then check out this new layer in Google Earth!