“vampire tourism” and geography

Accodinng to this article in MSNBC news, the book Twilight has created booming tourism in the town where the novel is set… where the author never visited when she wrote the first book, which has now gained Harry Potter status. The town set out to match places in the book with places in the town. What’s really interesting is this quote, “It’s not quite how I thought it would be,” says Yena Hu, a University of Washington sophomore who made the four-hour trek from Seattle to visit. “They’re always talking about all the windows — and in the book, the house is on the water.” What expectation does the public put on geograhic realism between fiction and real places. I guess they had an easier job than someone trying to locate Aquaman’s New San Diego which is one of the real places in the DC universe. It is set in San Diego around the convention center where Comicon and the ESRI user’s conference take place, except that it is underwater!