Sprint and Geobrowsing Launch Next Month

Sprint is rolling out its WiMAX XOHM 4G network next month, starting in Baltimore. Why would our readers care? Because a prime function they’re heralding is what they call “geobrowsing” (which is a HECK of a lot easier to say than ‘WiMAX XOHM 4G’). The basic concepts are nothing new to anyone familiar with LBS in the general. A GPS signal will feedback constantly to back end applications and the network can return traffic, news, local business information, weather… you know, the standards. The really interesting part is that Sprint is rolling in a sort of revenue sharing model for third party developers for this new network. That means that not only do you have an API you can tap into, you have a mechanism to get a rolling revenue stream. That’s gotta be pretty exciting to anyone looking to do a LBS app. The down side to end users is that, like everything else on Sprint, it means more money 🙁 However, they do plan on having day/week passes in case you’re going on vacation and want to use the service. Next time I’m in Baltimore, I might have to look it up!