Spidey-tracer legal?

A while back we talked about how the LAPD was working on an attachable GPS unit for tracking suspects. CNN has a story on the use of GPS for tracking suspects using GPS in a real world situation, but with a twist (and a video). The report wonders whether the use of trackers without a warrant is legal. Spatial Law recently commented on a related article from the Washington Post. This is a long standing issue related to privacy and spatial data which continues to not have a clear legal or ethical answer and often leads to several questions on many projects. Take a minute to consider the issue at hand with the use of GPS in law enforcement and let us know what you think.

Is GPS a high-tech crime-fighting tool or Big Brother? –

Of course you have to love the 007 footage blended into the beginning of the report.

2 thoughts on “Spidey-tracer legal?

  1. Usage might depend on the situation. If one can SOMEHOW be attached to a vehicle being pursued, that seems to be an appropriate police action. Attaching a GPS tracer to an illegally parked vehicle, or one in the parking lot of a bar, doesn’t seem quite as appropriate.

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