ESRI 2008 UC – Afternoon Keynote Notes!

Here are the afternoon notes. They’re not as extensive as the morning notes, but the highlights are here. Don’t forget to look for our wrap of ArcGIS Mobile. I just got it installed on my Mogul and I can’t wait to play with it.


What happens when you release 14,000 hungry geo-nerds on an unsuspecting downtown eating landscape? That’s right! Some of them are gonna come back late!

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ESRI 2008 UC – Morning Keynote Notes!

Here are my notes from the keynote this morning. It’s heavily weighted toward the desktop and server technologies. They’re unfiltered with quirky comments, so forgive the stream of conciousness (and any grammatical errors)!

Secretary of the Interior is talking about the joys of GIS. He got an award. He’s talking about how the government at the highest levels use GIS to do their work. Apparently the President uses GIS all the time in his reports. Darn well better! Now we’re learning about the endangered species act decision with the polar bear. Nice map showing how GIS helped him make the decision. There’s a 1979 image, 1999, and 2007 and the long term ice is going bye bye. He’s talking about the manager/higher level GIS so decision makers can make more informed decisions. Apparenly the Interior department is going to keep the FGDC, which is good. The USGS ladsat archive is going to be made available over the Internet for free by the end of this year. He’s announcing a new position – the geospatial communications officer. He’ll coordinate the efforts of all the Interior positions. It will be interesting to see how that position evolves over time. Hopefully it makes it into the new administrator.

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