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Some of what’s coming in ERDAS Imagine 9.3

Unfortunately, I signed on to the Imagine 9.3 session late and missed most of the things I wanted to see (Web Services and vector rendering details) but while I was in the session they talked about some of the compression updates and RADAR tools using slides then offered a live demo of some of the content I had missed. The points I walked away with were:

1) there will be a new module in conjunction with TerraGo named Imagine Map2GeoPDF and they showed an example of using it to export a single map composer image and a batch using the Map Series tool (nice, very nice)

2) vectors are drawing (especially redrawing) faster, at least points and lines, but there was an off hand remark about polygons drawing a little slower without an explanation

3) there was an interesting demo of contrast tools. I am not sure if the are new or not in 9.3, but they are new to me 😉

4) as I was dialing up the audio via skype (which was being cranky as usual) I saw a bullet point on a new license manager, but I missed the details

Other interesting bits include ERDAS falling in line with other companies and moving to quarterly service packs and incorporating enhancements into the SPs, but just fixes. ERDAS also is releasing ~10 minute videos via their own YouTube channel and FTP (though the URI they gave was blocked). Overall, while I was hoping to see the parts at beginning of the webinar I am pretty excited about being able to talk to someone about the upcoming changes in ERDAS Imagine when the product is closer to going gold.