GIS and the art of LEGO

According to this CNN, a former lawyer is making a living out of creating Lego structure art. If a lawyer can do it, can you imagine what a person with a GIS background could do. What if there was an ARC or other spatial Lego software? Anyone already doing something using GIS and Legos? You can become one of the few Lego certified professionals in the world! Imagine Greenwich Village, NY Lego to scale. Incidentally, there is a Lego Land near San Diego, if you want to stop by during the ESRI Users Conference. Someone posted in the reply section about L Cad which allows users to create CAD models using Legos. Too cool

2 thoughts on “GIS and the art of LEGO

  1. I know I saw something on Gizmodo or Edgadget a week or two ago. Try doing a search for Lego CAD. It looked really cool.

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